Monday, December 29, 2008

Notes & Quotes: Off the Field

A couple of articles in the Columbia Missourian this weekend include mention of some off-the-field activities of MU Baseball players:

■ "Coaches in the Classroom" talks about the Total Person Program (which, according to the apparently untutored Missourian proof-reader, is abbreviated with the initials TTP):
Trevor Coleman, an MU junior, knows the time demands of a student athlete all too well. A member of MU’s baseball team, he travels heavily with his sport in the spring and relies on help from tutors to keep him caught up.

“I have to find time for school,” Coleman says. “Tutoring definitely helps. During the spring, we travel a lot so we miss a lot of classes. Tutoring helps catch me up with what I missed. I get tutors for the classes that I know I might have trouble with.”

Coleman, a finance major, says he uses the TTP facilities about once a week, mainly to use the computers and as a meeting place for himself and his tutors.

■ "Tigers' Saunders fills two roles", talks about football player Tommy Saunder's involvement with Big Brothers-Big Sisters, and goes on to talk about the involvement of other MU athletes in mentoring programs:
Seven members of the MU baseball team, including Aaron Senne and Ryan Lollis, will start working with children at local schools.

“We need some good, quality male role models," Tina DeClue, a school-based mentor coordinator, said. “And it’s always good to get athletes involved, because it’s good for our kids to see they can head in another direction.”

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