Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 NCAA Division I Attendance figures has a message board thread on 2008 D-I attendance figures that is interesting. It contains a Top 50 list posted by's Kendall Rogers, plus some other data posted by Boyd Nation, College Baseball numbers guru (Boyd'

A few interesting bits of data:
Mizzou barely sneaks onto the Top 50 Total Attendance list #50, and #48 on the Average Attendance ranking, with a reported total home attendance of 30,248 and an average attendance of 1,167.

LSU leads the pack in both total attendance and average attendance, with a total home attendance of 311,187 and an average attendance of 7,590

■ Four Big XII teams are in the Top 20: Texas, #4 total and average (179,282 / 5,976), Texas A&M, #5 total, #11 average (176,723 / 4,208), Nebraska, #12 total, #10 average (136,120 / 4,391), and Baylor, #18 average, but # #21 total. Texas Tech (#30/#24) and Oklahoma State (#32/#36) are the only other conference teams that appear on the lists.

■ 15 schools have an average attendance larger than the maximum capacity of MU's Taylor Stadium

Boyd Nation has an Average Road Attendance Top 25 that amazingly shows the Kansas Jayhawks at #13, with 3,099 average fans in attendance on the road. He also has a Top 25 Percentage of Opponent's Home Attendance ("in other words, if an opponent averages 2000 and 3000 show up for your game, you get 150% counted"), which shows Nebraska 3rd on the list, drawing 204.8% and Texas 5th (194.9%).

■ Another board poster, HPoirot, shares an interesting fact that there are actually 3 D-I Baseball teams that outdraw their school's Basketball program: "The Rice program draws 321.5% of the basketball average attendance, Cal State-Fullerton 231.7%, Tulane 174.8%"

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  1. Tim,

    Hope you do not me jumping in here. I went to take a look at what Teams were hosting Kansas last year. Kansas played Texas, Baylor, Nebraska and Oklahoma State all on the road last year. Those 4 teams draw very well at home. It will be interesting to see what there numbers will be this year.